The forgotten parent? Not hardly. Men are men and women are women. We are entirely unique in our own right. We can see the differences in how we celebrate Father’s Day in Tri-Cities.

Fathers in the Tri-Cities

A quick search divulged hardly any mention of any celebratory events or mention of festivities related to…

Droves of COVID-weary families prepare to take flight

Basking in the limited sun afforded by autumn's arrival, a growing number of people plan their fate. Many of us have had it up to “here” with confinement. A detriment to our psyche is more than we need. We have grown tired of our confines. We are humans. We are…

Nostalgia and plain old freedoms we took for granted

Now is the time for all good men (all people) to come to the aid of their country. That was once the mantra we typed and wrote to practice our typing and penmanship. It was a given — an unpretentious and undisputed fact. Ah, those there the days.


We may…

How could the people be so divided and conquered

I’m a conservative. I used to lean republican. Now I lean more libertarian. In my youth, I identified as a Democrat. I received an invitation to Jimmy Carter’s inauguration.

I am against the class warfare the current media pundits and a few major democratic strategists keep pushing. America is a…

Using stardom to affect political races

Captains Log: Stardate 74239.4

The people of Earth continue to bombard the masses with celebrity endorsements. The marketing tactics run from trinkets to political offices. We are unsure why such endorsements are used to curry favor with their fellow man. …

John M Dabbs

Photojournalist, consultant, and author with a love for travel and exploration. See more at my neglected website

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