Manners Maketh the Man

Set yourself apart from the crowd

John M Dabbs


Photo by Mariah Ashby on Unsplash

On and off-screen, notice the men and women who appear suave and sophisticated. Now think of the cultured and regal people whom you may admire. They have multiple worthy traits beyond mere looks. Though often looks and mannerisms draw us toward them.

First Impressions Count

They dress and act with class. The well mannered are civil. Manners matter, as does civil demeanor. The ability to treat everyone and anyone with courtesy and respect is characteristic of being well mannered.

Many acquaint the British with classic culture, manners, and knowledge of etiquette. Should this be true, and I could see this as true, it could be because of Great Britain being synonymous with a crossroads in the world. What do I mean by this?

We know the British for being very easygoing and often apologetic in their mannerisms. Not that they are forgiving to a fault — they are being polite. My belief is it became common practice there for the many cultures with whom they interact regularly. With the many cultures and peoples which travel through the United Kingdom because of their colonizing and trade history, I imagine it would be difficult to remember the many customs and taboos of many societies. I could be wrong.

As a traveler and travel writer, I try to be conscious of these things. Manners can open doors. Ill-mannered people can end up in jail.

Dressing Well

Other than our verbal behavior, our body language and actions speak to our maturity. I’m not talking about dancing or acting frivolously. Dressing poorly or slovenly is to not only disrespect yourself, but it is also disrespectful to your host or guests.

Not that everyone should aspire to “dress to the nines”, but we should always dress respectably when going out, or having guests over. Dressing in workout clothes when not working out or wearing nightwear, such as pajamas in place of suitable clothing, is a faux pa.

All clothing should be well-fitting and not undersized or worn overly large. Most shirts should be tucked unless specifically made to wear untucked. Trousers and pants should be pulled up to the waistline and secured with braces…



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