Time to Get Over Ourselves

John M Dabbs
3 min readApr 1, 2020

Daily Travels in Apocalyptic times

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Its the time of the apocalypse. People are dying, governments are shutting down, and disease is running rampant. Grocery stores are bare as the masses have cleaned out the last food remnants for their survival bunkers.

Say What?

It’s time to get a grip.

Has anyone ever heard the saying, history repeats itself?

Pandemics are not new. Emergencies are not new. Quarantines are not new. Military support for natural disasters isn’t new. The emphasis of the worst-case scenario by the media isn’t new either. Face it, in the realm of news and ratings, this is their job, to hype up and spread the gloom and despair so we can’t take our eyes off them.

Everyone has a job to do. It’s a fact of life… at least for those with jobs.

Those who’ve taken the biggest hit during this time of a spreading illness are those in the service industry. People who wait on us, allow us to eat in restaurants, travel for leisure and business. These people are who make the comforts of life enjoyable for us.

Empty Shelves

The empty shelves for me weren’t a big deal. I see them often, living in the northern area of the south. When the weather forecast is calling for snow, people clean the stores out of milk and bread. Not sure who’s eating all of those milk sandwiches, but apparently somebody likes them.

My hypothesis is that the shelves are now bare due to the closing of many popular restaurants and travel, as we love eating out in this country. I used to enjoy it more than I do now… I eat out too frequently at work to enjoy it as I once did. Now I enjoy cooking for my family and making the food I like, tasting the way I prefer.

As people are forced into “hibernation”, or working from home, etc.. more people are eating at home. The issues with eating more at home?

  1. It costs less
  2. Requires buying more groceries than normal
  3. Requires going out much less
  4. Adds to family time at the table

As more households are forced into eating at home, we can see the benefits. It may even lend to a…



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